How To: Become A Fashion Stylist

I often get asked how I got into fashion and how I started style consulting, or as most people know it fashion styling, and how you can become a stylist also. So here I thought I’d give you some of my advice to help you on your way. I don’t claim to be a professional style consultant or even the fact that I make enough money to make it full-time thing. My first piece of advice is to not do it for the money, do it for the love of fashion and making people look good. If you go into it just for the money you’ll find you won’t make it very far. Some hard truth is very few people ever make it to the position that Joe Zee from Elle or Rachel Zoe who spend their days making celebrities look fantastic. But if you work hard I believe anyone can make it. So on we go, there are a few roads you can go down to become a professional stylist.

1. Go to university and study fashion, in Australia there is the Australian College of professional Stylists which have a great program to teach you all the skills to follow your dream. If you can do some kind of course it can go a long way in helping you land that job you’ve always wanted.

2. Teach yourself what you need to know. Read up on fashion magazines like GQ, Vogue, Elle, or Esquire and pick up on what goes and what doesn’t. After you’ve taught yourself enough to think you know what you’re doing start offering to style your friends and family, use them as a kind of guinea pig to experiment with style. Once you’ve got a outfits under your belt take some photos of them and put them into a portfolio which you can then give to potential employees.

3. Be Lucky, I was one of the lucky ones where I had a friend already in the business and was willing to teach me what he knew. The story about this is already in the about me section, so if you want to know more about how I got started take a look.

Some other advice to consider is dress accordingly, think of yourself as a walking advertisement, remember nobody wants someone to style them if they look like they’ve slept on the street. It’s better to overdress then to under dress, but don’t dress in a suit if your going to a BBQ then it just looks like your over trying. To get started try going for an internship or style assistants job and work your way up the ranks. Well that’s all my advice, if you have any more questions don’t be shy and get in contact with me, and remember have fun while chasing your dream.

Allan xoxo


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