Kate Middleton & The Wedding Dress Of The Year

Last Friday night Australian time 2 billion people watched on t.v and a million more lined the street of London to see the wedding of the century as Prince William and Catherine Middleton were married. But what the fashion world were anticipating was the revealing of Kate’s dress. As the time drew near we managed to get a glimpse of her dress as she left the Goring Hotel to get into the car. From the glimpse I saw I was very impressed. As she arrived at Westminster Abbey and got out of the car the world got its first head to toe look at what could well be one of the most famous dresses in history.
At this time it was finally released to the public that the dress designer was Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. The wedding dress combined modern and traditional with long sleeves and lace, ivory, and white satin gazar. The Royal School of Needlework were the ones who applied the lace to the skirt and body of the dress and it’s padded at the hips to draw on a Victorian tradition of corsetry.
The shoes Kate were wearing were also designed and made courtesy of Alexander McQueen.


Allan xoxo


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