Tiffany & Co. “Tiffany Locks” Collection

With the release of Tiffany & Co’s very stylish  “Tiffany Locks” collection women are trying to find the best ways to pair the pieces with a killer outfit. With my favorite piece out of many this one (right) the sterling silver design and engraved with the Tiffany & Co logo you will want to go out in a simple but always stylish outfit.

Today I’m going to give you a smart casual look to go with this piece of jewelry. With winter coming fast it would make sense to go with something that will keep you warm. So, start with a indigo colored pair of skinny jeans, then pick out a nice blazer or half length jacket, being the cooler months most people think you have to wear darker colors, black, dark gray ect.

But don’t be afraid to boldly step out in something colorful, like a red blazer, I could guarantee you’ll have people turning heads as you brighten up the world around them. But next up choose out a light colored button up shirt, or if you feel like dressing it down a bit more just a light colored tee. For foot wear I recommend a nude colored pair of pumps. Plus lastly put on a stunning “Tiffany Locks” collection piece like I have shown.

With this outfit you can step out confidently whether it be going to see the latest movie, or going out to dinner.

You can see the rest of the Tiffany collection here

Allan xoxo


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