How To: Dress For A Job Interview

These days the job situation is all up in the air and people are being laid off, and forced to look for a new job, or maybe your still looking for that dream job possible just out of university or you could fit into neither of those categories and your just looking at changing jobs on your own back. Whatever the situation may be I’m here to give you the tips on how to dress correctly for a job interview and impress your future employee.

– 1. What type of job are you trying to get? If your young and going for your first job different rules apply but if your leaving university that’s another thing. Some employees will look down on dressing up too much if their work place doesn’t fit his attire,

First up, your 15, 16 and you’re trying to land your first job. But what do you wear? Being your first job interview and the fact that your only 15 nobody is expecting you wear a suit and tie. Now your probably thinking this still isn’t helping much. So here we go, wear something casual but not too casual a dark pair of chinos or jeans in indigo or black will work for you. Next pair with a single color button up shirt with a point collar or a respectable looking polo shirt, nothing with prints or writing on it. You want to look clean and respectable remember. To finish up put on a pair clean pair of sneakers, Even something like a Converse All-Star will work. Next comes grooming. At your age you’re not really going to have a problem with facial hair. But if you do have that gene getting some hair growing early give it a shave and your good to go. Also remember to keep your hair trimmed.

Photobucket Photobucket

Next up is the 18 – retirement age demographic. Once you get to this stage you want to start thinking about getting serious with your job prospects. Thinking long-term and not just part-time job at the pizza place or fast food joint. The earlier years out this group is the time to make your mark in the working world and to start working your way up the ladder, and the older group will want to start looking at making partner in their law firm or getting to the higher ranks within their business. There is also another group. The group of people who have been laid off because of slow times. Was doesn’t change within all of these groups is the fact that you all want to look the part, so that a future employee will say “Yes, this is the right fit.” Here are some style tips to aid you in getting through that crucial job interview.

Firstly you do want to suit up. Go for something in a navy or a medium or charcoal gray, leave the black suit for a funeral or after you get the job if you must. Pair with a light blue or white point collar shirt and a block color tie. Make sure when knotting up that the tie doesn’t fall below the tip of your waistline. Lastly your footwear are also an important part of the overall look, so go for a brown pair of lace ups, preferably wing-tips and leave the square toe shoes at the store. Then to pull the look together put in a matching pocket square, it should match you tie. That’s your outfit done, now onto grooming.
I mentioned earlier that younger guys don’t have to worry about facial hair. Older men don’t have that luxury. So remember, keep it neat and tidy, shave the morning of the interview so you don’t have any stray hairs.


Well we’re done. These are the tips to help you look respectable and stylish while looking for that job. I’d love to hear from you if any of these tips helped you score that dream job or if you got a job back.

Images are courtesy of Ralph Lauren and Gucci.

Allan xoxo


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