The Card Holder Vs. The Bill Fold

The card holder has come back into form as of late with a range of stylish choices ranging from cheap to expensive designer brands bringing out their own luxury picks. While some people prefer these some people don’t want give up on the traditional bill fold. But which one is worth having? While they both have their good sides, more than likely they can have their bad sides.

Card Holders

The card holder has been a popular choice for stylish men over the last 5 years or so and for a good reason. Card holders like these give you the option of putting a number of cards (credit card, I.D ect.) depending on the brand without creating a bulging mess filled with month old receipts and business cards. get the right one and you’ll have people asking you where you got your wallet from.

Photobucket Photobucket

Bill Folds

The humble bills fold has been around for a lot longer than its counterpart, and nobody can deny it hasn’t stood the test of time. But is it time to move on? Some people would say yes and some would say no. I myself own a bill fold from Country Road and its been great, except for my one dislike about it. People with bill folds tend to fill them up and over time without a good clean out it will become a mess (like I said above.) They can fill up with old receipts, business cards, and if your like me on more than one occasion I’ve pulled out old movie ticket stubs from four months previously. The things I do like about the bill fold is it’s a handy place to store your cash and your credit cards without needing to buy a money clip.

Photobucket Photobucket


While there are strong points for each of them I’m leaning on the side of the card holder. To me it’s more stylish and slimmer, which is a lot nicer when it’s sitting in your back pocket. You don’t want to be sitting lop sided do you? It also keeps the lines of your pants clean. So go get yourself a new card holder and along with that a shiny new money clip to hold your notes,
If you can’t seem to bring yourself to throw out your old wallet be sure to give it a clean out once a week so you’re not creating an impossible bulge and making a trip to the chiropractor.

Stock Lists

For information on finding out where you can get the wallets shown go to the following websites for the particular brand you liked.

Allan xoxo

*Photos courtesy of Mr Porter. You can see the website here.


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