Style Icons: Ed Westwick

A while ago when I was blogging from TypePad I started a segment called Style Icons after getting inspiration from the Fashion Beans segment of the same name. Those of you who followed my last blog will recall I’ve already done a feature on Ed, but just think of this an updated and better feature on him. This is my first icons post on SL and I’m happy to be doing it on my one of my style inspirations Ed Westwick. Most of you will know him from Gossip Girl as the billionaire playboy Chuck Bass, but the 23-year-old has a career spanning long before then including spots in Children of Men and Son of Rambow. But it will be Gossip Girl that he is most popular in.


Formal – Ed seems to always look his best when dressed up for a special occasion being it a red carpet premier or a charity function. Some would say he carries out his stylish side from being on the Gossip Girl for the last few years, being in its fourth season and ready to go into its fifth, he would have learnt a thing or two. You decide.

Casual – While I said that Ed looks his most stylish when dressed up, he does look good when dressed down too. In an interview I saw with him he mentioned that he loves his leather jackets. Dress casual you’ll often see him in a pair of loafers and a v-neck and leather jacket. I also love how he seems to pair casual and formal together whether it be a pair of jeans and jacket, or a suit with a t-shirt.

Gossip Girl – In Gossip Girl Ed gets the chance to wear designer suits, and he pulls it of exceptionally well. His style is actually the main reason I watch the show. While the shows stylist Eric Daman puts together the outfits, to me that’s only part of the job, you must have the right person to put the clothes on.

How To Achieve This Look

The Formal Look – To achieve Ed’s formal look you’ll need:

– Tailored suit
– Pointed leather wing-tips
– Satin pocket square
– Patterned tie

Throw it all on and walk out the door? No, do it in confidence, when you see him on the red carpet you don’t see him looking unsure of himself, he knows he looks good. Go to a tailor you can trust and build up a relationship with him you’ll end up getting the best fitting suit you’ve ever tried on. If you can’t afford to spend a lot of money on a tailored suit, go to a reputable store and get one of the rack, then go to a tailor and get some minor alterations, because even those need adjusting.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

The Casual Look: To achieve this look you’ll need:

– Leather jacket
– Black slim fit jeans
– Scoop neck tee or V neck t-shirt
– Leather loafers

Now you’ll want to put it all on, add some jewelry depending on how out there you want to be is how much you put on. When you see photos of Ed rocking his casual wear you’ll usually see wearing some necklaces and different bracelets. It can be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Photobucket Photobucket

Always remember to keep you style your own, change some things around, add things take things away it’s all up to you.


For a man of only 23 he’s sure got some style beyond his years, and inspiring a whole new generation of kids to be stylish both from his role as Chuck, and through his day-to-day life. I’d love to see how his style progresses over the years.
Stay tuned for more Style Icon features on S.L.

*Photos courtesy of Mr Porter and

As always thankyou for reading,

Allan xoxo


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