Scarves & How To Wrap Them

Scarves are an essential winter accessory, from looking good to keeping you warm in both casual and formal situations you’d be crazy not to have at least one in your closet. Once you have one (a scarf) some people don’t know what the right or wrong way of tieing them up is. There are three popular ways of wearing a scarf and once you have mastered all three you’ll be able to figure out for yourself what the right and wrong ways for each occasion are to wear them.

Scarf Folds:

The Parisian – The Parisian is a very popular knot useful for those days when you need some extra warmth around the neck and face. To achieve this look start with folding your scarf in half then putting around your neck. Then take the loose end and slot it through the loop you just made. After doing this adjust the tightness and your ready to go. This look goes well tucked under a pea or trench coat.

Loose Knot – The loose knot is the second easiest way of wearing a scarf, to achieve it simply throw the scarf around your neck then take one end and wrap it around. Once done even the two sides up and your good to go.

Throw over – I don’t think this is the exact name of it but for today it will work. To get this look very simply put the scarf around your neck and tuck into a jacket or over-coat.

Scarf Look-Book:

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

*Photos courtesy of Mr Porter

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