Style Icons: Daniel Craig

This month in the second edition of the ongoing Style Icon series is the 43-year-old actor Daniel Craig. Most of you should know him from his portrayal as James Bond, but he was around long before then. He had roles in Munich, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider amongst other t.v and movie roles.


Daniel Craig knows how to dress for both his age and his body type. From wearing smart jeans and jackets during his everyday life to tailored suits with pocket squares for red carpets and other appearances.


How To Achieve His Look:

In this how to section I’ll give you some tips on Daniel’s more relaxed casual look.

For this you will need.

1. dark wash slim fit jeans
2. V neck t-shirt
3. Shawl collar cardigan
4. Brown leather shoes (Brogues or wing tips)
5. Aviator sunglasses
6. Messenger bag

To achieve this look you’ll need to first have a roguish kind of charm to pull it off exactly like him, but style isn’t about copying, it’s about making it your own.
So… firstly put on a dark wash pair of jeans, you can wear a slim or skinny fit if you would like to create a younger kind of look. But if you older I recommend a straight or relaxed cut. Next throw on a casual v neck t-shirt, it doesn’t matter what color as long as it matches. Thirdly have a shawl collar cardigan to pull on over the t-shirt. Finally put on a brown pair of leather shoes. Next is accessories. They are a great way to make a look your own. I recommend a pair of aviator sunglasses and an assortment of wrist bands.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket


Daniel Craig has a personal style that all men can aspire to, especially older men. His blend of refined and roguish charm is something that I find impressive and I look forward to being older so I can pull inspiration from his looks into my everyday style.

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