Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Possess


The first and most important accessory that one should possess is a watch. Watches are best worn with semi casual or formal attire but they are an accessory that can be worn with nearly any outfit. Watches add a feel of class and formality too many outfits but as previously stated this is best seen through being matched up with a formal outfit or even a semi casual outfit. Try matching leather banded or silver\gold watch to your outfit and see which look suits you the most.


Another must have accessory for every stylish person is a pair of sunglasses. Not only do they provide protection for your eyes but they also can breathe new life into an outfit. When picking sunglasses it is important to remember to pick ones that are suited to your face, for example pick a pair that does not cover half of your face. I would recommend matching a pair of wayfarers to a casual outfit and wearing a pair of aviators or a nice designer pair with a more formal outfit. However, as previously stated picking a pair of sunglasses that is right for you can vary from person to person and not everyone will feel suited to a particular pair. It is important to find the pair that is right for you and mix and match to create your own unique style.


Necklaces and pendants can often enhance an outfit and are great for attracting attention. They can also be used to express one’s beliefs\personalities. For example a cross pendant can be used to express ones religious beliefs while a brass knuckle pendant is a popular accessory amongst some musicians\rockers. A short necklace can often be a good addition to any outfit; it’s small but can often bring life\give personality to an outfit while a long pendant can be attention grabbing and is more suited to those who are trying to attract more attention.


Another small accessory that can make a big statement is a bracelet. They match well with nearly any outfit and can often add an element of personality. Whether it is gold, silver or something different experiment with different ones and find the look that’s right for you. Something to keep in mind is that varieties of gold and silver bracelets have a section on them that can be engraved. Keep this in mind as it can make a bracelet unique to you.
Bonus-Rings: While I feel these aren’t as essential rings can also add a unique feel to and outfit. They can help to bring out ones unique style and to add personality to their outfit. They can also be used to add a subtle personality or can be used to make a loud, attention grabbing statement.


In conclusion these small accessories can make a big statement and can bring a new life to any outfit. One important thing to remember about jewellery is to stick to either gold or silver depending on what you prefer\feel comfortable wearing. It is also important to co-ordinate. However, don’t be afraid to experiment and to make a bold statement, fashion is about making a statement and for expressing who you are.


Sam – Fashion Writer, Stylist



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