Personal Style Icon | Dave Schmitt

When I started to form an interest in fashion I started to admire the style that certain musicians wore. As music plays a very significant part in my life it was only a matter of time before I started to notice the way musicians and artists presented themselves. This inspired me to write about an artist who I have always admired for his music and style- Dave Schmitt of the pop\electronica\rock band Breathe Carolina.
Dave’s style is one that I have always admired and I have adapted part of my style from his. Something that I also admire about Dave is his ability to fit into a variety of different styles. For example he can look natural wearing an outfit made up of a singlet\skinny jeans but also look just as natural and comfortable wearing something a little more formal such as a t-shirt\cardigan or even a button up shirt. He also wears clothes that fit well to his body type. Another thing that I admire is the fact that the tattoo’s and piercings that he has seem to fit his look so well. The various styles that he also wears bring life to his stage performance which makes the shows much more interesting to watch and be a part of.

Get Dave’s Look:

Here I will help recreate one of my favourite outfits, seen in the “Hello Fascination” music video. For this you will need a basic long sleeve white button up shirt, a pair of black skinny jeans, black slip on canvas shoes or formal leather shoes, a black hooded leather jacket. To add your own personal style to this outfit try adding different accessories to it, dog tags or a cross pendant for example. To change things up a bit even try wearing a pair of all black vans instead of leather shoes. Again, style is less about copying and more about forming your own unique look so don’t be afraid to experiment with different accessories to find the look that’s right for you.


In closing Dave’s style is one that I admire. The way that he seems to fit nearly any look and the way he uses it to bring his stage performances to life is something that fascinates me and even makes me somewhat envious. He has being a major inspiration for me and has definitely influenced my personal style.

Thank you for reading.

Sam Lee || Fashion Writer, Stylist



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