Style Review | Ne’Yo

Earlier this year Allan named Ne-Yo as one of the most stylish celebrities. As I have been a fan of his music since he made his debut with the single ‘So Sick’ during 2006 I decided to extend on this piece. I also saw it as a way to branch out and write about people I would not normally focus on.


Back when Ne-yo first made his way onto the mainstream music scene he would be seen wearing baggy, loose fitting shirts\jeans, Adidas high top sneakers, a new era baseball cap and a range of accessories from chains to watches, typical fashion for rappers and rnb stars. I’ve noticed though as the years have gone by that Ne-Yo’s fashion has changed dramatically. These days he has hung up his new era caps and replaced them with bowler hats and fedoras. He has also gone from wearing loose fitting clothes to tailored suits. Even when Ne-Yo isn’t wearing a suit he shows his change of style with a pair of well fitted jeans, shirts and a leather jacket.




In closing Ne-Yo’s fashion has changed dramatically and in my opinion for the better. Style wise he has really grown up and broken from the typical dress code worn by others in his genre. His new style suits him and his music and it can be hoped that others who are in his genre follow suit.

Thanks for reading.

Sam Lee || Fashion writer



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