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Recently I have developed an interest in music writing and I was given the idea to write about some of the albums from my favourite artists. So here are 5 albums that I cannot stop listening to.

1. Sunshine State of Mind-We The Kings

This is probably the album that I listen to the most. As you probably read in my last post I had the opportunity to see this band perform, I also saw them perform earlier this year at Soundwave. I thoroughly enjoyed both show’s and they are easily one of my favourite bands right now. Sunshine State of Mind was released this year on S-Curve records and includes such songs as Friday is Forever and the popular hit Check Yes Juliet, which was first released on their self titled debut album in 2007. Lyrically, this album is very similar to those before it, focusing on the themes of love and a few songs focusing on heartbreak and moving on. Most songs have an upbeat punk pop feel to them with the exception of Sleep With Me, The View From Here and You and Only You and is guaranteed to please any pop punk fans out there.

Songs to listen to: Friday is Forever, Say You Like Me, Every Single Dollar.

2. Asking Alexandria-Reckless and Relentless

I cannot seem to get enough of Asking Alexandria’s Reckless and Relentless. This is their latest album released on Sumerian Records and since their debut album Stand Up and Scream was released in 2009 they have gained momentum rapidly and built up a very mixed reputation. AA are very passionate about their music and are set on reviving the spirit of rock and roll. Reckless and Relentless show’s just that, with the songs being written about sex, drugs and rock and roll. The exception for this is the song Someone, Somewhere in which Danny, the lead vocalist, refers to his late grandfather and addresses the relationship he had with his family. Though this band is notorious for their reputation with drugs and alcohol Reckless and Relentless has been a big hit and has shown how the band has matured musically from their debut album.

Songs to listen to: Closure, Someone Somewhere, Breathless.

3. All Time Low-Dirty Work

All Time Low’s new album is another album that has really caught my eye. ATL made their debut onto the mainstream music scene with Dirty Work being released through Interscope Records this year. The album is packed with the usual themes of romance and partying with Maja Ivarrson from The Sounds making an appearance on the track ‘Guts’. While this album is more mainstream than their earlier albums there are still tracks that any pop punk fan will enjoy. With a mix of acoustic tracks and lively pop punk songs this album will please most ATL fans. Personally though, I and many other longtime ATL fans would prefer their older work.

Tracks to listen to: Under a Paper Moon, I Feel Like Dancin’, Time Bomb.

4. Breathe Carolina-Hell Is What You Make It

As I wrote a piece of Dave Schmitt a while back it only seems natural that I include a review of Breathe Carolina’s latest album. Hell Is What You Make it is the bands third album released through Fearless Records and is filled with party starting electro punk pop tracks. The boys of BC are aiming to have their tracks played in nightclubs and with the single ‘Blackout’ being played on mainstream they are well on their way. The lyrical content of the album has not changed much from their previous work. However, the last track of the album ‘Laurens Song’ is dedicated to Lauren Freeman who was a friend of Dave and Kyle. Freeman tragically lost her life when she was struck by a car and this track is a heartfelt tribute to her memory. This album is by far one of my favourites and I would recommend it to any BC fan out there.

Tracks to listen to: Wooly, Blackout, Sweat It Out.

5. Falling in Reverse- The Drug In Me Is You

When Ronnie Radke was released from prison in December 2010 he promptly returned to the studio to record the ideas he had created. The idea of Falling in Reverse had been conceived while Radke was serving his sentence and shortly after his release they were signed to Epitah Records. Radke uses this album to aim his anger and frustration at anyone who had crossed his path, including ex Bless the Fall and current Escape The Fate frontman Craig Mabbit, former best friend Max Green and even blames his mother for his drug addiction. The album is packed full of pop choruses, guitar solos and breakdowns and has been described as the follow-up to ETF’s debut album ‘Dying is your Latest Fasion’. As a fan of Ronnie I was very excited about him returning to the music scene and this album does not fail to disappoint.

Songs to listen to: Raised By Wolves, The Drug In Me Is You, I’m Not a Vampire.

Thanks for reading.

Sam Lee || Writer


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