Five Reasons on Why It’s worth Spending Extra Money on Tailored Suits

Note: This is a article I wrote last year on my Tumblr account, I thought it deserved a place here on Stylists Life with a few extra refinements.

It’s 2010 already and the world is in financial crisis, men’s wallets are lighter, the credit cards are maxed, and the bills are stacking up, and you may be thinking about cutting a few corners with your fashion sense. Are you thinking “it doesn’t matter if the sleeves and trousers are a little bit long?” Well I thought so, but would you sacrifice a refined style to save a few dollars? I’d recommend you don’t, here I’ll give you 10 reasons on why it’s worth spending more money on getting your suits tailored, or even better, getting measured for a made to order suit.

1. Tailored suits will fit better.

A tailored suit will defiantly fit better, you won’t have that lumpy and baggy look that so often comes with a store bought suit, or even worse a cheap suit bought at Kmart (I don’t recommend it, in fact I don’t recommend spending any less than $250 on one.)

2. Dress for success.

I’ve been told a few times that you should dress for the job that you want to have, and not the job that you have. If you’re lucky enough to get an interview there is nothing better than wearing a tailored light grey suit with a pair of brown leather wing tip shoes.

3. The quality is better.

The quality of a tailored made suit is much better. The fabric used is of a higher standard, and depending on the tailor the workmanship is also of a higher standard ( I would recommend if you’re going to be spending a lot of money on a tailor make sure he’s had a lot of experience, I also believe in this case you pay for what you get.)

4. The “WOW” factor.

A tailored suit will genuinely make you look better, you will have people coming up to you (both guys and girls) complimenting you on your style and fashion sense, and you’ll have people staring at you while you walk down the street.

5. Ladies magnet.

Are you a single man? Well a tailored suit will help in that department, a girl likes a well dressed man, and picking up a girl at her house for a night out in a black tailored two button suit with a black pair leather shoes and a lilac shirt and slim black tie will have her impressed. Granted your clothes won’t be all it takes, a girl also like a gentleman, so act accordingly

Tailored Lookbook:

Photobucket Photobucket

Some Closing Pointers:

Once you have a new tailored, or made to order suit, you are most of the way to looking great. A few more pointers to remember when wearing one is:

1. Don’t wear a chunky sports watch. Go for a refined watch with a brown or black leather band (depending on what colour suit you are wearing) with a round or rectangle face.

2. Don’t wear those wraparound sunglasses their best left for the gym or sports ground. Instead go for a classic refined look.

3. Don’t wear a pair of ankle socks with your shoes. Instead wear a pair of either black or gray dress socks.


Now go out and follow these pointers, and if your concerned about the price range remember you’re making an investment into your style future. I can say with almost certainty that you won’t regret it.

Thanks as always for reading.

Allan Klimo || Editor & Stylist



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