Let It Die | A note for those who need it

Be patient and calm, hold onto who you are and what you know to be important to you. If you are hurt by others, don’t retaliate with pain. It is a fact of life that you are going to be hurt by others, and you also have the potential to hurt others.

When living with people, there are a few unwritten but very real notions that are in place. One of these notions is that life is often complicated, unjust and painful. Although this is true, it doesn’t have to all be bad news.

When something ends, it means that something else has the chance to begin.

There may not be such thing as definite ‘mistakes’, just things that you wouldn’t and shouldn’t do for the first time or even a second or third.

Some of the most beautiful things have come from mistakes, and some great things have come about through something ending and another beginning. It’s okay to let something or someone that means, or meant so much to you- go. The most difficult thing is holding onto something you’re meant to let go of.

You might have made a mistake in the past, but you know what? That’s okay. You can let that die.

Don’t let that one thing that you look back to, define you.

Monique Brown || Lifestyle Writer



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