The Great Optimist

“Maybe you know the sort of days where you leave the house, and the weather is perfect- it seems to be a fantastic day. Of course the next thing you wonder aloud is going to be: “surely this day can’t be that bad- what’s the worst that can happen after all?” But then you realize that you don’t have any wood around you to touch to ensure that you didn’t bring some serious bad energy or whatever you want to call it.

For the rest of your day, with one eye you look out for any occurrence that may be out of the ordinary, because this blue skied-perfect white-clouded day is cursed.

It may be a paper cut, a missed bus or a fall out with a close friend. This day is not yours, surely you’re not this cursed?
Then again some would say that these small things that are bad, but not enough to call a cursed day. Sometimes, things just don’t seem to work. One of my headphones doesn’t work, my portfolio bag is much too heavy. A close friend is now plainly someone I used to know, my knitting isn’t going so well and I don’t write as much as I used to.

All these possible scenarios are tiny, insignificant problems compared to other countries, what seems to be worlds away where genocide and war is rampant. I can’t stress this enough in saying that we are so lucky in the Western world to experience the wealth and fortune that we have- considering 50% of the world has never made a phone call and in some countries, wealth isn’t a nice car, home and comfortable lifestyle. Wealth to most is having a choice of clothing to put on.

“Be kind, as everyone is fighting a hard battle.” Plato really summed up what it is to be human and to deal with others in this quote.

Optimism isn’t just drinking down a half-full glass of water, it’s a choice that you have to make where you choose to love others and be kind to others even when your world may be off-kilter and everyone around you is clearly insane.

Great can be defined as a large amount of something. A great amount of pasta, or a great amount of paper work. Optimism can be defined as a state of mind. Optimism, idealism- similar concepts. Pessimism, realism. Maybe you notice the suffixes of ‘-ism’s too?

My point being, these are all just words until you either choose to smile at the cranky cashier at the supermarket, or respond with equal unresponsive grumpy-ism.
“-ism’s” are just words until you put something in place.”

Monique Brown || Lifestyle Writer


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