Style Review | Pitbull

A while ago I was watching various music videos on YouTube and when I stumbled across a video by rapper Pitbull I was inspired to write a piece about him. Pitbulls fashion has one I have always been somewhat envious of. He is always dressed to impress in tailored suits and coats. He also rocks well fitted polo shirts and jeans when he is going for a more relaxed, casual look. Accessory wise, Pitbull does not disappoint either, adorning himself in well fitted designer sunglasses, a variety of different watches, tailored vests and eloquent scarves. As I said in my previous piece about RnB superstar Ne-Yo, I like to see people of this genre trade in from the typical baggy shirt\jeans \high top sneakers uniform for tailored suits and fitted jeans.

In conclusion, Pitbull dresses extremely well and wears clothes that are well fitted. It always pleases me to see rap and RnB stars branch out and bring their own unique style to the music. Like an artist’s music, their style should be unique as it gives a feeling of individuality to their performance.
Thanks for reading.

Sam Lee || Fashion & Music Writer


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