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Nick Wooster is surely the most photographed man during any given fashion week. From Milan, Paris, and New York street style photographers and bloggers all aim their cameras at this man, but Nick has been a fixture in the fashion world long before he was a street style icon. He has worked at some of the most reputable fashion houses across the world, from Nieman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and now more recently with Gilt Man, Park & Bond, but he is also a general fashion advisor for others. Some of you may be asking why is he so special, anyone can put together a nice outfit with the right wardrobe and practice. But it is not for this reason he is Novembers style icon. It is for his ability to break rules in fashion and still look fantastic that he is an icon and an inspiration. Not just for me, but for men across the world.

Style Breakdown:

As I mentioned before Nick knows how to break the rules of fashion and still look good. But it also comes down to his impeccable tailoring. Looking this good doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years of practice to know what rules to break and what patterns to blend. From his tailored jackets, shorts, and monk strap shoes, to the patterned chinos, shirts, and loafers, Nick is a pure genius when it comes to style. One of my favorite looks was when he wore a tailored camoflage jacket and tie with a pair of tailored shorts and monk straps, it takes confidence to pull that one off.



Get The Look:

To recreate this look from Nick is not that hard, but it does take confidence. A lot of people are not accustomed to wearing a blazer or a jacket with shorts, nor are they to wearing leather shoes without socks and paired with shorts. But we all know that style is about taking things to the next level and of course confidence.
First you need to get yourself these items:

1. Slim Shorts
2. Blazer
3. White dress shirt
4. Patterned bow tie
5. Leather shoes (loafers, monk straps etc.)
6. Sunglasses

Make sure you take the clothing items to a tailor you can trust, it also comes down to a good fit.




So I think we can establish that Nick is an icon and a fashion genius, and i am happy to have him as a style icon here on Stylists Life.

If you would like to see more of him you can find him on: | @NickWooster

Photo credits from Fuck Yeah Nick Wooster and Topman

Thank you once again for reading,

Allan Klimo || Editor – Stylist



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