How To | Styling With Espadrilles

You may well remember I did a feature post on shoes you need this summer, in that post I mentioned that espadrilles were a comfortable but stylish way to keep cool. Today I am going to go one step further and give you some style inspiration with three different outfit ideas to match those shoes.

Look 1 – Day On The Beach:

During summer everyone goes to the beach at least once, here is an idea to go there in style.

1. Off white tailored shorts
2. torquise button up shirt
3. Half-rimmed sunglasses
4. Webbed belt
5. Straw hat
6. Espadrilles.


Look 2 – BBQ In The park:

Another big tradition during summer is the BBQ, whether it be by the beach or in the backyard, here is a look for you.

1. Dark slim fit jeans
2. Bright button up shirt
3. Tan or brown leather belt
4. Sunglasses
5. Metallic watch
6. Espadrilles


Look 3 – Lunch On The Boardwalk:

During the summer after a morning on the beach who doesn’t like going for lunch at a nice cafe or restaurant? Here is something to help you look the part.

1. Stone wash chinos
2. Blue gingham button up shirt
3. Navy braces
4. Pin dot bow tie
5. Straw hat
6. Espadrilles


With these three looks you can go our and look stylish this summer, also stay tuned for more style advice on the rest of my essential summer footwear picks.

Thank you for reading,

Allan Klimo || Editor – Stylist



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