How To | Black Tie The Right Way

I am finally writing a new post, usually I try write one five days a week but since I now have recieved a full time job it has been difficult trying to find time to get one written. Hopefully I will be able to write most of them on Sundays and schedule them for different times throughout the week. We will see how that works out. But anyway on to this post.

I have been inspired to write this post after getting an invite to a masquarade themed birthday party on Friday night. Usually these types of parties require formal wear with some type of mask, with this in mind I opted for a black tie look. The problem with this is I see so many people try and get it wrong. So, how do you do it while looking like you belong in that tux?



The Fit:

The fit is the most important think you will always have to consider when wearing a tuxedo. I reccomend buying your own and having it taken straight to a trusted tailor, as I saw in GQ when all is said and done it should fit like a suit of armour, and I could not agree more.

The Shirt:

The shirt should fit well, but should also be blindingly white.

The Shoes:

When thinking about shoes to wear remember this, you want to get a lace up oxford shoe. For something a bit extra make it patent leather.

Cuff links:

They are a must, enough said.

The Tie:

Finally the tie, I would normally reccomend wearing a bow tie, when it is a black tie event have one that you tie yourself. If you prefer to have a straight tie make sure it is silk or satin and is in proportion to your shirt collar.

What To Buy:



Thank you for reading,

Allan Klimo || Editor – Stylist




  1. Those are some good examples of well-executed black tie. However, a belt should never be worn with a tuxedo because its buckle is incompatible with the formal suit’s refined elegance. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find tuxedo trousers that actually have belt loops.

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