How To | Styling With Desert Shoes

During the month of November the Stylists Life team has been running a theme with most of our posts, and you may have notices that the theme is to do with footwear. At the start of the month I kicked it of with a feature on essential summer shoes for men, since then I started a mini series relating how you can style a look around those different types of footwear.

This week we are up to our third type of shoe, The versatile desert shoe. It has been lucky enough to survive multiple season from summer through to winter year after year and still stay on trend. With this shoe you can do almost any type of outfit except formalwear. I don’t recommend that one. So following is three different looks for you to try at home.

Look 1 – Lunch In The City:

When going out into the city you will want something with a little edge to it, desert shoes can provide that for you while still maintaining a pulled together look.


Look 2 – BBQ In The Park

Desert shoes are perfect for a BBQ in the park, and with the BBQ being a favorite summer activity in Australia I am sure you’ll get plenty of use out of those shoes.


Look 3 – Movie Night

Have you ever thought that when going to the movies your look doesn’t really matter? I have a hunch that since your reading this you don’t. But in the case that you do now is the time to pull a classic look together and go out in style.



There are three looks for you to try, so go out in confidence and style.

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Thank you for reading,

Allan Klimo || Editor – Stylist



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