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Here we are arriving for another week of style advice based around my top five shoes for summer. This week I am focusing on the comfortable plimsoles. Orgiginally from England the shoe has spread to other countries under different names but it still esentially the same thing, and that being a comfortable shoe for different occasions, I reccomend outdoor activities for this shoe though.

Look 1 – A Day On The Boardwalk:

When on holiday down at the beach or resort you will no doubt spend a bit of time on the boardwalk, here is a look to get you through your holidays in style.


Look 2 – Quick Lunch:

When racing up the road to meet someone for lunch or one alongside the beach after a surf it is nice to throw on something comfortable for the walk from the beach to the cafe, or house to the fish and chip store. here is a look to have you still looking stylish.


Look 3 – A Day At A Theme Park:

When spending a day at a theme park it is usually best to have something comfortable on. When I am at my local one I usually wear either jeans or chinos at a t-shirt along with plimsoles. Here is a look to have you still looking your best even after those rollercoasters have gotten the best of you.



That is another one for the style advice column, it is sometimes difficult knowing what to wear with certain shoes so go out and follow these tips and be stylish with pride. Also stay tuned for the final post in the styling with summer shoes series coming up next week.

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Thanks for reading,

Allan Klimo || Editor – Stylist



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