Style Icon | Ryan Reynolds

This month I decided to do my last “Style Icon” post of the year on Ryan Reynolds. The 35-year-old Canadian born actor who is best known for his roles in X-Men: Origins, Definitely, Maybe, and most recently Green Lantern is also a genius when it comes to getting his choice of clothing right.

Style Breakdown:

Ryan manages to cross all the right boxes when it comes to men’s fashion, especially dressing right for your age. Being in his mid-thirties he comes in understated when off the red carpet, he is most likely to be seen in jeans and sneakers, with a fitted leather jacket. When on the red carpet he shines in tailored suits, and especially looks good in a tailored tuxedo for those Academy Award appearances.



Get The Look:

My look which I am going to recreate for you today is the first one in the lookbook photos (top left). This look is dead simple to recreate you only need a few key items which I would imagine any well dressed man would have in his wardrobe.
Firstly get these pieces whether out of your wardrobe or pick them up from your store of choice. In Australia I usually recommend David Jones for their large range of well made and designer pieces.

1. Dark wash jeans
2. Black leather boots or lace ups
3. Light Blue or white button up shirt
4. Vests or waist coat
5. Leather belt
6. Sunglasses


Verdict | Closing:

So that pretty much covers why I believe Ryan Reynolds is a style icon and deserves a place on this list. men from any age can look up to his for style inspiration especially men from their thirties towards middle age.
I am looking forward to seeing you all back next year for another “men’s style icon” feature along with some exciting new additions to the series.

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Thank you for reading.

Allan Klimo || Editor – Stylist



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