Pin Your Wings (Melbourne, I love you)

Childhood fantasies to run away to a new city, a new place, a new country or another language- do you remember that?

Where is the place that you’ve lived in since you have had teeth…? (Are you still there?)

It’s such a comforting thought to stay where you are, with the ones you love and the life that you have spent so much time working on building, and making right. While you are young, you might break a few hearts and gather a few ghosts. While we’re young though, let’s start out in a new town, meeting new people and live in a new place. We can settle down when we are old and frail and walking is no longer a pleasant experience. But for now, can you please be with me thinking not about how impossible it is to be so young, and moving into another city. Be with me in saying ‘hey at least it’s still in the country’ or ‘I’m ready for this- are you?’

I am scared about going away, I really am. Fear is a natural defense into the unknown. You have to ask yourself: “Where is home for me?” Because wherever home is, the heart is also, and where your heart is, that’s where you will feel most comfortable. Despite the word, home doesn’t have to be a house, or a place. You could be in a foreign country and feel at home, even though the native spoken language isn’t your own and you only know how to stutter a ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’. A foreign place may start to feel like home. The weather may be a comfort or the smiling strangers and inspiration you find in the ruins of an old building or a discovery of a word in a language that doesn’t exist in English but describes more than a simple ‘love’ ever could.

Home for me would have to be hearing my dads voice on the phone, and my brother telling me about his score on his latest spelling test, and my mother listening to songs that I’ve heard since, before and after I grew teeth, and my sisters jade green eyes. Home can be found my stepdad’s smile as wide as a child’s and listening to Springsteen’s Born In The U.S.A. Home often feels like that favourite pair of jeans or t-shirt that you love slipping into, they are often not expensive or new, rather old and familiar. They probably don’t come with neon lights or exclusive promises, rather the bare minimum.

Monique Brown | Lifestyle Writer


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