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We finally made it to the last “Styling With” feature in the summer series, this week I am going to focus on men’s sandals, previously something that other stylish men and I dreaded seeing worn out in public and in fact anywhere with the velcro straps and chunky look, need I go on?
Though there is good news. Shoe designers across the world have been making stylish pairs of sandals that the grown up gentleman can wear. Made out of leather and with buckles, plus in a much more slimmed down make, it is something that is perfect for the summer weather in a variety of different style options.

The Looks:

Look 1 – Relaxing in the Country

When summer comes around there are two locations that are great to escape to, those being either the beach or the country. When in the country you can stick to neutral colors and pastels

You’ll need to pick up these items.

1. Slim fit stone chinos.
2. White or neutral button up shirt
3. Neutral color neck tie
4. Webbed belt
5. Aviators
6. Leather sandals


Look 2 – Dressed Down Suiting

A controversial topic, wearing sandals with a suit. Though during summer and if the situation allows it go for it. A point to remember is to keep the suit on the slim side.

You’ll need to pick up these things.

1. Grey double-breasted suit.
2. Navy scoop neck t-shirt.
3. Webbed belt.
4. Pocket square.
5. Stylish opticals.
6. Leather Sandals


Look 3 – Pool Party

What better way to spend summer then by the pool. For the pool side go for a slim pair of shorts and either a t-shirt or slim button up shirt.

You’ll need to pick up these things.

1. Light colour button up shirt.
2. Navy Swim Shorts
3. Straw hat
4. Beaded bracelet.
5. Ray Ban club master sunglasses.
6. Leather Sandals



Well that’s it for the series, I have had a lot of fun writing these features over the last month and a bit, so I decided to come back and do it all over again when we make it to the Autumn/Winter season. So keep checking back.

Photos courtesy of Mr Porter

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Thank you for reading.

Allan Klimo || Editor – Stylist



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