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Those summer days are warming up fast don’t you think? Like many Australians your already planning your trips down to the nearest beach or travelling a bit further afield for your holidays. Whatever it may be beach style may cross your mind at some point. Every time I take a trip to the coast I see so many men get it wrong. With three-quarter length board shorts in abundance there is a need to for a beach style revival. So during the following I am going to give you a few tips and advice for those summer days on the sand and surf.

Beach Advice:

When on the beach it calls for things to fit, and it is always important that you dress for your age.

Swim Shorts:

Swim Shorts are probably the biggest thing I see people make mistakes on when at the beach. From shorts being baggy or horrendous patterns and designs printed on them. But do not freak out if this is you. The solution is simple.

1. If over the age of 18 make sure the fit is right, that being said follow these guide lines. The bottom of the short fall above the knee. The shorts should also be slim fitting. One more thing, make sure the fit is not really tight, unless you have the body for it.

2. The button should be a metal clasp. Though I have seen some nice draw tie ones that look stylish. Make sure the waist is never elastic.

3. When it comes to patterns make sure their understated and not to out there. Remember you’re an adult now.


T-shirts and shirts are also and important part of the coastal style, even if you do spend most of your time on the actual beach without one on, you still need to get here first.

1. When it comes to t-shirts or button up shirts the biggest problem I see is people wearing the wrong size. So make sure the size is right, remember the sizing rule, keep going down a size till it feels too tight, then go back up one size.

2. Patterns can be risky, make sure if you do wear a patterned top or shirt that it matches the swim shorts, and for the love of God do not wear a Hawaiian shirt.


Here is a selection of items to make your day in the sun stylish.

Swim Shorts:









I hope with this post that I have made it a little easier for you to go out next time on holiday or for a day out in the sun.

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Photos courtesy of Topman and Mr Porter

Thank you for reading.

Allan Klimo || Editor – Stylist



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