Style Advice | Styling A Christmas Party

Every year starting around early to mid December once the Christmas decorations have gone up and the weather starts getting warmer, or cooler depending on what part of the world you live on invitations start arriving in the mail for none other than the Christmas party. Whether it be for work, school, or friends everyone goes to at least one party during the holiday period.

Sometimes what to wear can be a little confusing especially if the invitation does not specify the dress code. I remember styling a party last year where the dress code was a little vague, but luckily it all turned out in the end. So with this feature I am going to go through three different situations you may or may not find yourself in this December.

The Looks:

The following looks are the three most common locations a party might be held at, if you ever need some tips for other places feel free to shoot me off and email at

Look 1 – High End Restaurant

Our first location is at a high-end restaurant, most likely if you going to one of these fancy places a suit is the way to go, it does not have to be ultra formal, it is always possible that you can leave the tie at home for the night. But always call up the day before to check what the specific dress codes are.

What you will need:

1. Navy Suit
2. Pink button up shirt
3. Brown leather belt
4. White silk pocket square
5. Round opticals
6. Brown leather lace ups


Look 2 – Tavern/Bar

The second location is at a tavern/bar. Usually you can get away with going less formal, jeans and a button up shirt can do the trick. Though when going keep the jeans dark and free of distressed marking and tears, and keep the shirt slim and well fitted. For footwear it always depends on the tavern in question. On the side of precaution put on a pair of leather lace ups or a pair of leather loafers.

What you will need:

1. Blue button up shirt
2. Dark straight leg jeans
3. Black leather belt
4. Gingham silk check tie
5. Slim watch
6. Black leather lace ups or Loafers


Look 3 – Outdoor BBQ

Finally the third location, when going to an outdoor BBQ it will be the least formal of the three. I suggest wearing a pair of broken in jeans, desert shoes, and either a v-neck t-shirt or a plaid button up shirt.

What you will need:

1. Plaid shirt
2. Broken in jeans
3. Brown leather belt
4. Rope bracelet
5. Ray Ban Wayfarers
6. Desert shoes



Follow these guidelines for three killer outfits for the season and you will be getting compliments all night. Just a few more things before I sign off, remember never ever wear novelty items, those include ties, t-shirts, and socks, also make sure the fit is right, you can have expensive clothes but if they don’t fit they will look cheap, and lastly be confident.

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Photos courtesy of Mr Porter

Thank you for reading.

Allan Klimo || Editor – Stylist




  1. I’ve had a few people ask about women’s alternatives. Next year we’ll be launching a women’s section so stay tuned.

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