Top 5 | Year-End Round-Up For 2011


2011, where did you go? They say as you grow up time goes faster, I do not know how it just seems to. This year was no exception, with me taking a leap and starting Stylists Life in March we have gone from strength to strength, and written many great features (in my opinion anyway), and with me bringing on two new writers with different backgrounds it brought some new avenues we could work with. This post came about after seeing a year-end round-up project on IFB, unfortuantly I missed the dead line to submit it, but that still doesn’t mean I can not write about it. So here are the top 5 posts the Stylists Life team wrote in 2011.

The Top Five:

1. Style Icons | Daniel Craig

Our number one post goes to our Style Icon post featuring none other than Daniel Craig, being James Bond doesn’t hurth either.

2. Inside Rachel Zoe’s Beverly Hills Home

The public first saw this house in season 4 of “The Rachel Zoe Project” with the interior designing done by Jeremiah Brent.

3. Style Icon | Nick Wooster

Nick is one of my style icons so when did this post I put some extra work into it. It all paid of in the end after getting a thank you message from the man himself, and a retweet which sent the page views sky rocketing.

4. Versace For H&M | Women’s Lookbook

The Versace for H&M women’s lookbook was one of the most popular posts this year with everyone wanting to see the looks before it hit stores.

5. First Love

Stylists Life’s first lifestyle feature written by Monique it proved to very popular pushing us to keep it a regular thing.


If your only new to reading this blog hopefully this round-up will also give you a chance to read some of our earlier stuff. Hope you enjoyed.

If you would like to see more updates and info you can follow Stylists Life on Twitter and Facebook

Thank you for reading.

Allan Klimo || Editor – Stylist




  1. Hi Allan,

    Your team has covered great topics and I’ve always enjoyed looking through your posts this year. A great job from everyone who participated in your blog this year, I reckon!

    I really loved the random street photo of what people are wearing. It was light-hearted and enjoyable and I loved seeing everyday people getting creative with their own styles! I think you should bring it back for a regular thing, not just for events. It’s a great way for you to connect with the community, promote your blog as well as making someone’s day because they’ll know they look good ;), lol.

    I can’t wait for the women’s section to start popping up, although I do think Men’s fashion definitely needs more focus, another reason why it’s awesome this blog is pumpiiiin’!

    Another idea for a topic to cover “What favourite accessories or pieces of clothing/shoes that you own that go with just about anything?”

    and “zombie couture” for next year’s Brisbane 2012 Zombie Walk. Probably a lot of apocalyptic fashion being trashed with fake blood and rips next year, but hey- it might be fun!

    Love ya friend. Hope to see you soon and merry Grinchmas.

  2. Hi Lizzie,

    Thank you for the feedback, it’s always good to hear that people find features relevant.
    We always love hearing what people think and what they would like to see on the site.
    Who knows maybe next year you might find what you suggested.

    We’re looking forward to the women’s features as well. We have some ideas rolling and you should start seeing some things in the first or second week of 2012.


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