Welcome To 2012


2012, here we are. First of I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and New Years Eve. I have been saying over the last few weeks that Stylists Life is making some changes this year, first up we have we have changed the look of the blog as you may have noticed. Hopefully with this change it will make things easier to find and be overall nicer to the eye. Secondly we have changes the name of the blog so we can incorporate different creative avenues into the mix including “Allan Klimo Photography.”

In 2012 we are also throwing in some new features. It has been a long running idea to permanently include Women’s fashion posts, including style advice, style icons, style reviews, and more fashion shows. Also this year we are adding video with our new SL-TV section. With the new features We’re aiming at running two weeks of mens related features and then two weeks of Women’s related features, with others thrown in depending on importance such as fashion shows during any given fashion week.

Finally with the new year we also welcome Lizzie to the team, she’ll be focusing on music related features such as music reviews. I am looking forward to what she has to write and will be a valuable asset to Stylists Life Inc. Also this year Monique and Sam are back to write more features which is always exciting.
So with that it brings us to the end of this post, thank you for reading and we hope to see you throughout the year.

Allan Klimo | Editor


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