Men’s Style Icons | Joseph Gordon Levitt

We made it to the first “Style Icon” feature of the year. For January I decided on picking actor Joseph Gordon Levitt. The thirty year old who’s major breakthrough with 3rd Rock From The Sun shot him to television stardom. He then starred in numerous TV and film including the movie “Inception.”

Style Breakdown:

Joseph’s style is something that most men would admire, he knows how to wear a suit and have it fit his body type, think tailored and slim fitting with narrow lapels. When he dresses up he does it well, one of the things that caught my eye was the tuxedo’s he wore at the last years Golden Globe awards. The sleeves were good, the bow tie was perfect, and there was the right amount of break in his trousers. When he dresses down it is also stylish. Comfortable in jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers, it is his go to outfit when running errands during the day.



Get The Look:

One of my favorite looks by Joseph is one with the v-neck sweater and open neck shirt as seen on the bottom left picture. To re-create this look is simple but first you need some key pieces.

  • Dark coloured v-neck sweater
  • Light colour button up shirt (Light blue or white)
  • Dark colour trousers (chinos or suit pants)
  • Brown leather belt
  • Brown leather shoes
  • Sunglasses



To sum it all together Joseph is one that young hollywood can take note of. From smart dress to casual this man is spot on, and knowing how to dress for his body is a good start.
Hope to see you again later this month for out first women’s style icon feature.

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Thank you for reading.

Allan Klimo || Editor




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