Weekly Round-Up | 02/01/12 – 08/01/12

Well we are up to our first weekly round-up of 2012, With the start of a new year we also changed a lot with new writers, new features set to go, and the biggest of all, a new look and re-branded Stylists Life, which became Stylists Life Inc, incorporating my photography blog “Allan Klimo Photography” which I shut down late in 2011 so I could bring it over here.
But now onto the round-up.

The Round-Up:

Monday: For Monday it was a big planning day, with the changes expected to happen on the Tuesday I needed to make sure all my designs and labels were made and so on.

Tuesday: Tuesday was the first post of the year, it was nothing really special, just a short post detailing what you might expect over the following months. You can see it here

Wednesday: Wednesday included our first post with “Allan Klimo Photography” featuring a photo from the devastating January 2011 Queensland floods (you can it here ) Also we did a post about Ryan Gosling winning the 2011 “Man of Style” award, you can see that here.

Thursday: On Thursday we focused on Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaigns from the likes of Chanel and Burberry Prorsum. You can see them here and here.

Friday: On Friday we did our first Style Icon feature for 2012, this time on actor Joseph Gordon Levitt. You can see it here.

Until next week, stay stylish, and thank you for reading.

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Allan Klimo || Editor



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