Best Dressed Men | Golden Globes 2012


Yesterday movie and TV fans stopped to watch the Golden Globes as stars waited to see who would receive this years batch of awards. While they did that fashion editors and writers were watching the red carpet before the event to see who would make the best dressed list. This year the men were out in style with these fashionable men making my top 5.

Top 5

Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer attended the Golden Globes in style, if you have ever seen him walk the red carpet before it is clear to see this guy knows what it takes to do black tie the right way. With the right amount of break in the pants and sleeves just the right length, he gets a tick in al the sartorial boxes.

Gerard Butler

Seeing Gerard Butler on the red carpet in a well tailored tuxedo is a nice change, even with the scruff around the face. It gave of a relaxed look but with formal edge. With a traditional bow tie and all the lengths of sleeves and pants we give it the thumbs up.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is always a winner in our books. Going with peak lapels this year for the Golden Globes all we can say is “we like.”

Ryan Kwanten

What can I say about Ryan that hasn’t been said before? Most people know I am a big fan of his, both in film and sartorially. This year he went for a standard black tuxedo and a peferctly tied bow tie. We applaud you.

Ryan Seacrest

Wearing his usual Burberry tuxedo Ryan Seacrest has not done wrong in a while. It is something he feels comfortable in and we couldn’t say a bad thing about it. I am fan of the suit myself, apart from being a fan of Burberry.


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Thank you for reading.

Allan Klimo || Editor



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