Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Show

After a bit of convincing I decided to stay up last night to watch the live stream of the Louis Vuitton men’s Fall/Winter 2012 fashion show. In the end it turned out to be a decision well worth it. From the start to finish the fashion house lived up to its luxury name, with an all glass setting and a huge mirror ball up top, it reflected everything and would have made for a cool photo if anyone thought of pointing a camera up there for a different perspective.

The fashion itself was also a point of wonder with menswear fashion designer Kim Jones taking us on a journey with a camel coat with fur trim made from a kangaroo, there were patterns that unless you saw them yourself it would make your head spin, slim fitting suits made out of the finest silk Japan has to offer. Overall there was really nothing I did not love, but I managed to slim it down to my top 10 looks from the show.






Photo Credit: style.com

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Thank you for reading.

Allan Klimo | Editor




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