Best Dressed Men | 54th Grammy Awards | Top 5

On Monday morning Australian time, or Sunday night in the night music held its night of nights, the Grammy awards. Every year I tune into the watch the awards ceremony as well as the red carpet telecast, usually aired on E. With a music event it is always difficult to pick out the well dressed and put together. Sadly the men mostly like to wear rocker inspired outfits, ripped jeans, low scooped tees or v-necks and the like. But some of these men get it right. These are four men and a band that make that list.

| The Stand Outs |

1. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars usually makes any best dressed list I do, with a knack for getting a tailored suit right he always looks dapper. When he throws on a pair of Ray Bans he even gives it an edge that nobody else seems to be able to pull of. At the Grammy’s he wore Thom Brown.

2. Drake

At the awards ceremony Drake was rocking a very nice tuxedo complete with bow tie.

3. John Legend

John does not do to bad when it comes to looking good. Wearing a simple dinner suit and long tie. He plays it safe, but sometimes that is a good thing.

4. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris seems to get it right most of the time, on the red carpet he sported a three piece suit with pinstripes to give it that extra push. Going for an extra casual look he decided to forego the tie and opt for an open collar.

5. Kings of Leon

It would seem every time I have seen Kings of Leon on the red carpet they look spectacular. Wearing tailored suits in a slim fit it just seems to suit them. I applaud a rock band for looking their best.

What was your stand out men from the 2012 Grammy Awards?

Thank you for reading.

Allan Klimo // Editor



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