Women’s Style Icon | Rachel Zoe

When SL Inc decided to do a women’s category on the blog an important part of that would be featuring style icons, it has always been a big part of the men’s category so it just made sense. In January the business of life caught up with us so we did not get one out, for February we landed on the idea of featuring celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. The New York City native who grew up in New Jersey mostly became prominent in the public eye when her TV show “The Rachel Zoe Project” aired on American channel Bravo.

| Style Breakdown |

Rachel’s look has often been considered to be “boho chic” a look that has become popular among many celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens and the Olsen twins, as well as people world-wide adopting the trend. With a love of the seventies style of dressing, meaning big sunglasses, and flared jeans paired with in her terms “tranny” heels.

| Look Book |




| Get Her Look |

 To have a boho chic look like Rachel you can go and put these things together.

  • Leopard print chiffon top
  • Indigo flared jeans
  • High heeled boots
  • Large sunglasses
  • Watch ( The one show here is by French Connection, you can buy it here.


Thank you for reading.

Allan Klimo //Editor


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