Essentials | Fall/Winter Must Have Items For Women

Winter opens up a whole new door in personal style, with options ranging from over coats, wools, furs, and leather on display for you to choose to keep you warm. Layering is also key in keeping warm, so buy up on these essentials and mix and match for some killer style.

| The Must Haves |

1. Leather Jackets

Go for a leather jacket this season for a cool urban look, wear with a pair of slim fit jeans for an evening out on the town.


2. Red Over-coats

Pop of colour, or P.O.C. I reckon this will be big this season and will really make you stand out from the crowd among a sea of dark and earthy tones everyone else will be wearing.


3. Black Skinny-Jeans

Remember the leather jacket I was talking about earlier? Black skinny jeans would be a perfect pairing.


4. Mini Dress – Blue

For a night out every girl needs a mini dress, instead of the “little black dress” go for a shade of blue.


5. Leopard Print Ballet Flats

A popular print during the David Jones Autumn/Winter 2012 launch were leopard. Go for a pair of ballet flats and rock them with either a skinny jean or dress.


6. Leather Gloves

During the colder months keep your digits warm with a cool pair of leather gloves.


7. Houndstooth

This season houndstooth items seem to be trending, to keep it check get a least one item with this popular print.


8. Woold Blend Scarf

Keep the neck warm this winter with a wool blend scarf, layer it under a blazer and you can’t go wrong.


9. Leather Duffle Bag

Are you going to escaping the winter chill? Carry all your stuff in a leather duffle bag.


10. Cloche Hat

I haven’t noticed the cloche hat a lot out on the street but maybe the fact I have seen it in a few magazines might spark a comeback.


Thanks for reading.

Allan Klimo // Editor


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