Pairing With Pastels | Men’s Edition

While the southern hemisphere is heading into Autumn the other side of the world is getting their first taste of spring for the year. During spring pastels play a big part in a day to day wardrobe and with a lot of different options to go for such as jackets, chinos, shorts, and button ups it is easy to get lost in it all.
To help get started here is one option for you to try.

When I am wearing pastels I try and go for the less is more look, remember it is going to be hot outside so you do not want to look clunky with accessories weighing you down. So for this look I have chosen a light blue polo shirt by Ralph Lauren and then paired with a white pair of jeans, silk scarf, boat shoes, and a pair of Ray Ban Clubmasters.


For my Australian readers, it may be getting to cold to wear this now, but check back in December and the same rules still apply.

Thank you for reading.

Allan Klimo // Editor


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