SL Women | Dressing Up a Casual Shirt

Do you have a couple of your favourite band shirts – or that one awesome shirt with a print that you wish you could wear everywhere? I sure do! I have this awesome stoned gnome shirt. He’s the coolest gnome out.

Anyway, my point is that I’ve noticed smart/dressy-casual is actually more common these days! I guess because it kind of says “hey, I can be cool and professional, without looking like snob!”

SO, if you have a favourite shirt that you feel you can only wear out on low-key occasions, think again. There are ways to dress up a casual shirt that will earn you kudos for your overall pro-look. So you can wear it for that meeting tomorrow or that art show or theatre production, etc… Heck I wore my stoned gnome shirt to the ABC with a high-waisted skirt and suit jacket and I got the gig!


If you’re stuck, Here are some ideas – but feel free to experiment. Remember you know what’s right for you!

I can’t find a picture of that gnome shirt, but I can show you a picture of a Klaxon’s shirt that I have used to dress up before. Here we go:

– Grab that awesome shirt that and add a blazer or jacket, for this shirt, I wear my red/orange blazer that looks like this, but in an AUS size 14:


– Throw in a high-waist skirt or some good-lookin’ slacks:


-Aaaand shoes (I’m a flats girl) as well as tights if you wish:

Shoes: modcloth

– Add in accessories, depending on the weather, a bowler hat might suit:

Source: Sportsgirl

A couple of other suggestions are to RESEARCH, OBSERVE & NOTE

Researching looks can help to give you ideas and then add your own twist to it. I flip through culture, music and fashion mags to gain ideas and then see how I can make it work.

An even better idea is to have a squiz at what others are wearing or look on shopping catalogues online, look at what muso’s are wearing or click through fashion blogs like this blog. The fashion world is your oyster!

Once you’ve got this all down pat, you’ll be surprised at what you can get away with.

Hope this helped! I appreciate your feedback and if you have any websites you like to go to, or any other ideas I’d LOVE to hear them!
Comment below or flick us an email!

-Liz, blogger, reviewer, radio project officer.



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