Happy Belated First Birthday

Stylists Life Inc is finally back with a new blog post, but this post is not like all the others. While we were away (unfortuantley longer than expected) 1. due to me moving house, and 2. there was a problem getting the internet hooked up to the new place which in itself requires a whole story, but moving on from that while we were away Stylists Life Inc made it to its first birthday. March 31, 2012 marked a whole year since I started this blog as just an outlet to write about what I love which is fashion and lifestyle. After many months of trying out different platforms I finally rested on wordpress.com to provide the needs of what was something pretty ordinary. We have come a long way since that day, a new name to represent our expansion into photography, music, and interior design, and the building up of a team of writers after having a conversation with a friend and the realizsation that this could be so much more.

Over the course of the year I have had the pleasure of attending many great events across Brisbane, including my first ever whole Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival and the Fashion Weekly Re-Launch event held at the beginning of the year, as well as the honour of meeting and building up relationships with many great designers from across Australia such as ZSADAR and Daniel Alexander Couture.

Over the course of the next year we hope to expand even further with more editorials, the building up of our writing team to include more contributors and guest segments, more event coverage with our first being the new Coach WinterGarden store opening this Wednesday night which I was lucky enough to have recieved an invite for thanks to PR company 6DC. Also on the plans for year 2 is a monthly editors letter which will will be sent out to our followers via email, and a editors wish-list feature each week. During the next 12 months we also hope to adopt even more of a magazine style formula but time will only tell if it works in practice. As well as all the new things we will be bringing back our other popular editorials such as our men’s and women’s style icon features, ad campaigns from popular and local designers, more photography, and lists of best dressed celebrities at events and must have items.

Lastly thank you everyone for the support during our first year of existence, they say give something two years to make or break it, and from where I am sitting we are in it for the long haul. As always we love to hear from our readers so get it contact with us either via comment or or the contact box. I also want to thank the team of writers, Monique, Sam, and Lizzie who have thrown in a bit of variety to the blog.

One again thank you for your readership.

Allan Klimo // Editor


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