The eBook People GmbH To Release Book On Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary

A spin of the massive publishing house The Interview People, the eBook People are getting ready to publish their first ever book to conicide with the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary. In an email I got last night I recieved a copy of the press release which goes like this.


“The German start-up The eBook People GmbH, a spin-off of the publishing house The Interview People GmbH (, is going to release its first comprehensive eBook in July which will feature the 50th stage anniversary of the band The Rolling Stones.

Right now The eBook People GmbH is focusing on a crowdfunding campaign and looking for support to finance the project at

The eBook will be released in two parts. It will contain archive material from newspapers: old (partially not yet digitalized and inaccessible) articles, interviews, audios and images and put them all together in a two part ebook containing more than 2,000 pages! Part one will feature the first 25 years in 25 single chapters. Same with the second 25 years. All of this is going to be edited and introduced by a great music journalist who is also working for the biggest national daily newspaper in Switzerland. His name is Hanspeter Künzler and among others he also works for Germany’s biggest music magazine “Musikexpress.”

What is your opinion of the project, personally I think it is a fantastic idea. Having been a bit too young to really have followed their music and career it would be interesting for a new generation to have an insight into what has become a great rock band.

Thank you for reading,
Allan Klimo // Editor


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