Wear It Out Partners With Vitaman To Release Skincare Range


Being an affiliate advertiser with wearitout.com.au I get the opportunity to receive press releases relating to the particular advertiser. This time around I got news of a partnership between wearitout.com.au and Vitaman to release a skin care range for men. Check out the press release below.

“Australia’s wearitout.com.au has partnered with Vitaman to introduce a range of men’s natural skin care, hair care, and shaving products to the successful men’s online store. Vitaman is an Australian men’s grooming products company founded in 1999 that manufactures all of their natural products in Australia from Australian ingredients.

Now one of the world’s leading spa brands for men’s skin care and grooming products, Vitaman is sold in over 35 countries and boats an impressive list of awards and notable achievements. Vitaman was voted “Best Male Grooming Brand” at the Beauty Challenger Awards in Paris 2005 and was chosen as an official supplier for gift bags at the Academy Awards and Grammy Awards in the United States.


The Vitaman Product range offers men of all ages truly effective and natural results across the areas of shaving, skin and hair problems. The wearitout.com.au online store now stocks a complete range of Vitaman products available to the company’s loyal customer base and offers free shipping of the product to Australian addresses. Managing director and CEO of Metrospire, WearItOut’s parent company said “I was really excited when Vitaman approached us about taking on the brand, We’d been looking for a men’s range like this for quite some time but hadn’t been able to find a company that offered such a complete range of products that was of a premium quality standard that matches our retail brand – so Vitaman is a perfect fit and endorsement for us.” Wear it Out plans to offer hundreds of free samples of the Vitaman product to their existing customers over the coming months.

The whole idea sounds exciting to me, and I will be looking forward to trying out the full range of products. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

You can either click on the images to get to the product page or find it here.

Pictures via Metrospire

Thank you for reading,
Allan Klimo // Editor



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