Editors Letter | June/July 2012

Well here we are again, entering a new month, and a new season. I don’t know about you but it is starting to get pretty cold here in Brisbane, so I am sure you will all be starting to pull out the warmer items in your wardrobe. The start of June does not just bring cold weather for the team at Stylists Life Inc, it also means the launch (or relaunch) of some things on the blog, including this letter, which from now on will start to published in post form as opposed to just appearing on the front page somewhere. Also the blog is going to be making a change to the way it posts different features, starting now we are taking a magazine type format to editorial content, starting with the editors letter, then working out way through art, fashion, and lifestyle orientated editorials. It is our hope that under this format you the readers will have an idea of what time your favorite types of posts will appear on site. As you may have noticed there has been an absent of blog posts on here for a little while now which has all been apart of the re-formatting. Part of this has also been me building up our Tumblr presence which you can find here. Bigger things are happening in the life of the blog, and we look forward to bring bigger and better things. Over the course of June and July there will be posts on must have footwear to get you through winter for both men and women, a write-up of the Coach Winter garden store opening in Brisbane, new features on the fashion and style from your favorite tv shows, and also the popular “Style Icon” series.

As always thank you for reading, and enjoy the features,
Allan Klimo // Editor


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