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In Stylists Life Inc’s first editors picks feature we are departing from fashion ( though just for a brief moment) to bring you some picks to make yourself as stylish as your wardrobe. In a way interior design is very much like fashion styling, a good designer will help bring out your personality. This is where my picks will hopefully come into play, for those that can’t afford to hire a interior designer come here and get some insight into what me and the team like. So lets get onto it.

1. Wellington Wood Slat Lamp $777 Buy Here


2. Dianthus 1 – Artwork $722.50 Buy Here


3. Galiano Bookends $87.50 Buy Here


4. Avalon Black Box $162.50 Buy Here


5. Martin the Bull Dog Stand $122.50 Buy Here


6. Octagonal Mirror $810 Buy Here


7. Wire Atlas Spheres $700 Buy Here


8. Galiano Sculpture $222.50 Buy Here


9. Brown Leather Tray $145 Buy Here


10. 1871 Grainsack Silk Screen Pillow $162 Buy Here


Hope you liked my first lot of picks for your home decor.

Thank you for reading,

Allan Klimo | Editor


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