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When it comes to interior design, the living room has to be one of my favourite areas to draw inspiration, design, and gain ideas from. With so many different possibilities the ideas are only limited by your imagination. When it comes to my aesthetic I prefer a modern and simplistic vibe. Over the next few pictures or so I will give you my commentary on what I like about each living room, and hopefully you can gain some inspiration too for your next remodelling job.


The Bachelor Pad:


The room above is probably one of my favorites when it comes to modern design. When designing your living room always remember to use a focal point to base the rest of the furniture around. As can be seen in the photo where the chairs have all been places around the flat screen t.v, the room is then anchored by the use of a large neutral coloured rug.


This Room here is also based around a flat screen t.v, which is not shown in this photo, another interesting aspect of the room is the modern looking fire-place which is placed in the wall. Also giving the room a more homely feel is the inclusion of a book shelf that is inset into the wall.



The Family Living-Room:


A living room based around a family needs to be both versatile and functional while still being pleasing to the eye. This living room shown above does that by keeping clean lines and light shades. In modern-day living rooms most people decide to place a t,v somewhere in the vicinity, what is interesting about this room is that one has been places on the wall but the lounges has been seemingly places to face the other way. So in a way it would seem to be the t.v is there just in case you want it.

The Fictional Living Room:

Not all design inspiration needs to come from a real source, some of the coolest interior design work I have seen have come from either movies or television series. The following two photos are from the series Gossip Girl. One shows a modern approach to family luxury living, while the other one shows a luxury bachelor pad both based in New York City.



Pictures via Christina Tonkin Interiors and

Do you think you will be taking any inspiration from these photos, drop us a comment and let us know what you think.

Thank you for reading,

Allan Klimo | Editor


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