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When it comes to the time after you have finished decorating your house, there is still one last thing you have to do, you have to put some homely things in there. Following is some of my favorite things on the market right now that could give your house the extra push and make it outstanding.


1. Addison Ross Walnut Frame $24.00 Buy Here

2. Alessi – Cactus Fruit Bowl Large $224 Buy Here

3. Carlo Rossini – Burlwood Wine Case With Accessories $30 Buy Here

4. Alessi – Aldo Rossi Coffee Maker 8 Cup S/Steel $260 Buy Here

5. Cafe Society – New York Icon Book Box Set 3pce $73 Buy Here

6. Monaco Globe $149.00 Buy Here

7. 37P QUEEN HEAD STAMP RUG $1,030.00 Buy Here


9. Retro Oil Burners $29.95 Buy Here

10. The City Artwork $185.00 Buy Here

What do you think of the picks? We would love to here your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,
Allan Klimo | Editor


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