Women’s Style Icon | Sarah Jessica Parker

For our first women’s style icon why not go and cover the style queen herself. For a while now Sarah Jessica Parker has been the focus of many girls wanting to emulate her impeccable dress sense, from her time on the Sex & the City series and films as well as her everyday life.

Style Breakdown:

Parker has a sense of style that is both chic and fabulous covering everything from both on screen and off. Sex & the City was probably the start of her style icon status, but anyone who can move past that and away from the cameras and stylists needs a mention.

Her casual ranges from super relaxed in jeans, tee, and flip flops but still manages to make it look good while pairing it with the right accessories, and then she can go to looking elegant in blazers and fitted jeans. She likes to take risks and that is something I personally like when dressing up each day, what do you think?
On the red carpet circuit she also hits the nail on the head, with some stunning examples ranging from sleek floor length gowns, minis, and ballerina dresses, paired with the right shoes, and accessories Sarah ticks all the right boxes.




One may think that Carrie Bradshaw has rubbed off on Sarah Jessica Parker but I think she has stood on her own and she should be commended for it.
What do you think of our pick?

Thank you for reading,
Allan Klimo | Editor



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