Editors Letter | August – September 2012

Coming up over the course of August and September we will be bringing even more features to the table, including our first out-of-state trip seeing me jetting of to Sydney to attend the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival,
 which incidentally is also the first time I have been to the city which should bring some fun times. As well as attending the festival, a new feature will come out of it titled “24 Hours In” which will contain things that should be seen and done while in the city. Depending on how it’s received we will then go on to include different cities from Australia and then eventually around the world. Also coming up is our first mega list so to speak, where we will list our top 50 most beautiful women right now which will lead on to an annual feature. With all this new stuff, there will also be more of the same with more photography, interior design, lifestyle, entertainment, style icons, and of course what we are all about, fashion.

The whole team hope you enjoy what is coming up as we attempt to write more high quality posts and try to improve Stylists Life Inc, and make it more of a one stop kind of place, as well as increase our presence on social media such as Tumblr and Pinterest.

Something else that should be noted our twitter account has finally updated our user name, we can now be found at @stylistslifeinc

Thank you for reading,

Allan Klimo | Editor


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