Top 5 | The Week That Was

Back to a new feature, well I suppose it is old and new, last year we did something where we listed our weekly posts, but who just wants a rehash of what has already been read right? So a desicion has been made to tweak it a little and do a top 5 list of the week that was. This way depending on what has been viewed over the last seven days there could be posts even a year old. So take a trip down memory lane and see what was the most popular this past week.

#1. Essentials | Fall/Winter Must Haves For Women:

When winter comes around you want to look your best right? This post is all the way back from March this year, and has by far been our most popular post this week. You can see it here.

#2. Lookbook | Zara Fall/Winter 2012:

Zara, the Spanish fast fashion label just brought out a new lookbook for their fall/winter collection, this post was just published in the last few days, you are able to see it here.

#3. Style Icon | Nick Wooster:

Nick Wooster, the man that every man wants to be, last November we named him a “Style Icon” for his ability to be able to be diverse and pull off what some of us can only imagine. You can see it here.

#4. Editors Letter | August-September 2012:

Ever since we changed our format a little, we started to include an editors letter again, for a chance to read up on what is coming up over the next couple of months take a look. You can see it here.

#5. American Apparel Spring 2012 Lookbook:

Back in March American Apparel released their Spring 2012 lookbook, for a chance to relive it take a look right here.


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