It is that time of year when it is about time to start gearing up for those temperatures where all you want to do is wear at little as possible. Unfortunately we live in a world where that is not really possible as we all have to go to our work places, do the shopping, and socialise in places other than the pool. While the temptation to cut corners in the style stakes during summer may be strong, I am sure you will be regretting it when those photos of you at a BBQ appear on Facebook. To help you still look great, and to stay as cool as possible below is a selection of essentials for the following months till the mercury drops a little.

1. Tailored Shorts

Tailored shorts are a popular choice for summer, with their clean lines they are versatile pick when it gets hot. For a low key event wear it with a t-shirt or casual button down, or for something a little more important take a step out of your comfort zone and wear it with a slim cut blazer.


2. Coloured Chinos

Coloured chinos are going to be big this summer, really any colour has been produced, with red and mustard being the picks I have seen most around the place. My go to pairing will be a red chino and navy blazer.


3. Mature Swim Shorts

I have mentioned it over and over again, when you hit 18 skip the baggy board shorts and go for something that stops just above your knees.


4. Espadrilles

I am a fan of espadrilles, they look good, they are versatile and are incredible for those beach trips which I’m sure you will be making this summer. Wear it with pretty much anything, except formal wear.


5. Navy Blazer

Navy blazer are popular among the stylish set during summer. If you’ve seen the photos from Pitti Uomo they are everywhere. Pair one with coloured chinos as mentioned earlier, or a slim cut pair of jeans.


6. White Cotton Shirt

The white cotton shirt is an item that is suitable all year round. Depending on the cut of the shirt wear it with chinos or a pair of swim shorts.


7. Woven Belt

During summer it is usually recommended to wear lighter fabrics to reflect the season, the same goes for belts.


8. Nautical Stripes

It’s everywhere this season, the nautical trends includes items such as t-shirts which are the most useable. Pair with chinos and boat shoes.


9. Trench Coat

I’m not sure about our friends in the northern hemisphere, but here in Australia, summer also means rain and summer storms. To combat the rain wear a stylish trench coat like the two from Burberry.


10. Umbrella

Continuing on from the trench coat and summer rain, an umbrella is also essential in keeping your head dry.


The list above is designed to hopefully give you the coolest, comfortable, and stylish possible, we would love to hear how you do.


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